Selling an estate in Utah can be simple or complicated, fast or slow-depending on how well the deceased was organized before his or her death. See how I can help you through this process.


What I Offer To The Estate:

  • Almost four decades of experience
  • Referrals to all the pro...'ll need in the process
  • A logical and seamless plan from beginning to end
  • Constant communication
  • The most money you can get in the current market

Need Help?

If you have any questions about selling a Salt Lake City estate sale property, you can call/text me on 801-201-8824 or drop me an email at babs@urbanutah.com

Let’s set up a meeting?

Whether you Skype, Facetime or conference call, I'm available to talk to you and as many folks involved in these decisions as necessary to get you the right information and give you referrals in my team to sell one or more properties for you. I'm glad to sit down with you at the property or a place of your choice (attorney's office, hotel lobby, another home) to listen to your needs and make a plan with you for a month or six months down the road. I am always here to help and I want to make sure you understand I'm not out to 'get the listing and run'. I have the patience of Job and can handle pretty much any time frame or personal family dynamics laid out before me. I'm also high tech enough to electronically send you documents via email for digital signatures which don't require any print outs or overnight mail, and low tech enough sit with you and go page by page through a pictorial binder I've created to address all the areas of the potential sale. I can have professionals arrange to be at the meeting or a list a referrals for you then as well. Call/or text me at 801.201.8824 or email me at: babs@urbanutah.com.


Babs De Lay
"Babs: It's rare these days to be able to congratulate someone on living up to a reputation of integrity, professionalism, honesty and hard work. Congratulations oh helping our family sell the home in Midvale! " Scott G.